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Standard Terms

Fee Basis

Our fees are normally based on the time involved in providing the advice sought. Please see OurFees for further details.

In some cases, fees may be agreed in advance for specific items of work or retainer arrangements entered into. Any special terms and conditions relating to such work or arrangements will be stated in writing at the appropriate time but these general terms will continue to apply and all agreed fixed fee proposals will be subject on the following terms:

    1. That all information is provided within the time proposed by the Client;
    2. That there will be no significant on-going negotiations involved between the Client and any counterparty which have not been taken account of or advised at the time the fee quote was made;
    3. That no complications will arise which are outside our control;
    4. That the work will be limited to the things specifically identified by the Client.

Standard Terms

These are our standard terms to which all agreements are subject.

  1. In no event shall we or our staff or shareholders be liable for loss of profit. No liability can be accepted for the loss of or damage to documents left in our possession.

  2. We do not generally undertake translations but, in some cases, may, where necessary, translate documents so as to provide a better service. We accept no responsibility for the quality of translations, whether done by ourselves or by third parties.

  3. We are not currently obligated to register for value added tax (18%). However, in the event that we are required to do so, we reserve the right to add VAT to our invoices

  4. Expenses will be added where appropriate. All withholding and other taxes or duties levied by the authorities where the Client is resident or from which the Client makes payment (or are withheld by the Client in compliance with tax or other laws) shall be for the Client’s account and, in the event of such taxes or duties being imposed, the both we and the Client shall deem the invoiced amount to be the net amount due. In the event that the Client claims to be entitled to be charged VAT or any other tax at a reduced or nil rate and the tax authorities at any time demand payment of such taxes from us, we may pay such taxes and the Client indemnifies and hold us harmless for such taxes and any penalties or interest imposed in respect thereof.

  5. We charge all deliveries by hand and travel expenses in Baku at AZN/EUR 15 per delivery/journey and photocopies are charged at 30 qepiks/cents per copy. Faxes/calls to Turkey, Europe and the USA respectively are charged at AZN/EUR 1, AZN/EUR 2 and AZN/EUR 3 per page/minute (or fraction thereof).

  6. It is understood that any work undertaken for the Client, whether or not the Client has signed an agreement with us, will be undertaken on the terms set out here unless other terms have been agreed in writing.

  7. The Client shall permit us to use its name in lists of clients for the purposes of marketing our services.

  8. The Client shall not require us to provide evidence of our status (e.g. corporate documents (e.g. certificate of registration, charter etc.)) after the commencement of work. In the event that it does so and requires us to comply before making payment, we will treat the cost of compliance as an expense and add it to our invoice.

  9. Our fee rates and prices can be checked at any time by going to OurFees. We reserve the right to amend our fee scales without notice by posting new fees on the OurFees page.

  10. Our agreements are normally made for twelve (12) months unless terminated in writing by either party on giving one month’s notice of termination. The Client agrees to pay all fees accrued but not invoiced at the date the agreement comes to an end.

  11. Any agreement with us will be governed by the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic. All disputes or actions relating to work done by us or the obligations of the Client which cannot be amicably settled may be referred to the Azerbaijan courts. However, each party shall endeavour to settle the matter amicably before such a referral to the courts. Where an amicable settlement is not forthcoming within fourteen (14) days of a dispute being notified to the other party, the parties will refer the matter to a mediator. Where the parties cannot agree on the name of a mediator within the next fourteen (14) days, either party may ask the Executive Manager of the American Chamber of Commerce to appoint a mediator. The mediator will, in accepting the appointment, agree to conduct the mediation within three (3) months of receiving a request. The fees of the mediator and the expenses of the mediation shall be borne equally by the parties.

  12. Unless specifically agreed in advance, we may represent existing and future clients with respect to any matters that are not in direct conflict with matters we are handling for the Client, whether or not such matters are for competitors of the Client. The Client agrees that it accepts this policy. In the event that a request for consent to an engagement is made by us, the Client shall reply promptly, in not more than forty-eight (48) hours, and shall act in good faith.

  13. The Client permits us to maintain the details of the Client in our internal databases.


  1. Charges and payment for services are normally made in Azerbaijan manats to a bank account designated by us. Where payment is from overseas by prior agreement, our charges will be made in euros.

  2. There will be a late payment charge on overdue accounts calculated at 10% per annum, at a compounded rate, where our invoices remain unpaid more than 21 days after the date of the invoice. Payment should be made by wire transfer and a charge of AZN/EUR 80 (eighty) will be made for payments by cheque All bank charges and handling fees must be borne by the Client.

  3. If the Client disputes any amounts within any invoice in whole or in part it must notify us about the disputed portion of any invoice. The Client must, nevertheless, pay the undisputed part of any invoice forthwith and not less than 21 days after the date of the invoice.